ID Verification

Guest data is automatically captured. Information such as phone number and passport is validated. Guests will also be asked to agree to rules. 

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Automated Pricing

Compare competition prices, check occupancy rates and integrate special events to get the most competitive prices all year.

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PMS & Channel Manager

Manage your rental business using our software with optional add-ons such as digital smart lock.

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How does our Hotel Management Software work?


Guests will book a room from a popular platform and the booking is captured in our system. Your guests will receive a verification message on their phone with an access code. The code will be used for everything such as gaining access to the property, setting temperature and turning on lights. 

Only the access code is required to gain access to the property and use the features. Once the guest checks out, our system notifies housekeeping to start clean up for preparation of the next guest – it’s all automated.

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