What we offer

Center piece of your system is our WiFi code lock allowing real time flow of information controlling access, movement and temperature amongst other things.



Using our API for your own or any booking website is all that is needed to get the process started. Access code via Email, SMS or Whatsapp is sent our as well as Invoicing, automated price updating, chatbot and more....



All the data regarding Guest and utilities as well as financial data is displayed on the dashboard. In one glance you can see if a guest have checked-in and if code locks are online as well as information about housekeeping, temperature in rooms etc....



The guest can use a code, NFC or barcode to enter the apartment or room. The Code Lock will display his name, heating will be adjusted before arrival for example. Welcome message can be sent after arrival to keep up your customer service giving the guest a sense that you do care about him.



Once guest has checked-in our code lock controls heating - allowing guest to be comfortable and saving you money. Guest's can login to view booking information and print invoices for example. Activate the movement sensor to alert them if someone is in their room during their absence.



Codes are automatically deactivated when a guest leave's and Housekeeping is alerted to clean keeping you informed in real time. Housekeeping gets information as to the total guest arriving and our system is updated once apartment is cleaned via the code lock allowing you simply to control all cleaning with a glance onto the Dashboard.


Our Technology

We can deliver a complete package as we use PHP / MySQL / Python but can give you easy access via an API to our system allowing you to use your in house system with our code lock access system.


Your bottom line - Cost saving and increase revenue. Our centralized automated system offers greater degree of control, safety and operational cost management. A complete automated hospitality timeline means no human interference is needed from the booking - invoicing - check-in information - access to room - setting heating and lighting saving you Energy and resource cost while giving the guest a better experience.
Increase occupancy with Cloud-based technologies can strengthen your marketing capacities and guest management strategies. Through our data-driven insights, we automate pricing optimizing your income in real time years in advance.

Our Team

Experience is written in capital letters at WebCodelock. Our team has decades of experience whether we talk hardware development or coding.

Leon has not only experienced in running his own Hospitality business but has been managing an international real estate fund...founder of Mailsurf.com a successful startup in 1998 and coding for more than 25 years.

- Leon Havenga Founder/CEO - WebCodeLock.

Dr. Michael GIlge is a worldclass engineer with a wealth of experience not only in hardware development but in the secure design and manuafacuring of top quality hardware.

- Dr. Michael Gilge Senior Consultant - WebCodeLock.

Highly motivated and diligent individual delivering a quality product. Problem solving is his core strength focusing on the end-user experience, as well as ensuring concrete internal logic for the WebCodeLock applications.

- Gregory Dott Web Software Develoment.

Mohamed's career has been running on three separate but often closely related tracks: Desktop Application Development, Embedded Software Development, and Hardware Development. He has excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills developed over the years of engineering work in various fields with high attention to detail.

- Mohamed Yehia Embedded Software Development

Jens is a Senior consultant for Webcodelock and AI specialist with more than 25 years experience as Software engineer specializing in new technologies. Worked with Leon on Mailsurf.com in 1999 already and spend his time developing for multi national companies in Europe.

- Jens Laufer Relationship - Online Marketing

Zacharias is responsible to develop your strategy in implementing WebCodeLock into your system allowing us to have a long-term profitable engagement. He can provide you with information directly suited to your needs and infrastructure and how to implement our system into your system allowing you to benefit from our automated solution.

- Zacharias Wedel Relationship - Online Marketing